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What are the various areas in which AI (artificial intelligence) can be used?

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There are major application of Artificial Intelligence that we come across in our day to day lives:

1. Google Maps: Google Maps helps us to find the best routes. We just need to enable our location and enter the destination and Google Maps will find the best route for us.

2. Google Translate: Google translate is a wonderful application of AI that is used to translate the text from one language to another.

3. Recommendation Systems: Today, most of the e-commerce industry uses the recommendation system to recommend products to their website visitors. It helps in churning out lead into sales.

4. Chatbots: AI-based chatbots are nowadays used for solving basic queries of customers. These chatbots helps in providing better customer services.

Isn't it wonderful that these applications are revolutionizing the world?

So, if you want to know how exactly these AI-based technologies work you should go through this AI tutorial.

To dive deep into the field of Artificial Intelligence watch this comprehensive AI video tutorial:

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