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Could someone tell me how AI or Artificial Intelligence different from Regular Programming?

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Artificial Intelligence is very different from Regular Programming from the ground up. How different, let's discuss:

Regular Programming is basically programming a machine to perform a specific task, by defining every possible scenario, and outputs. The machine incorporates regular programming, is not able to act, or produce a different or deviated result from the already defined sets of results. And will not perform outside its datasets, and will crash or show error in new data inputs.

Here is where AI enters the scene. Artificial Intelligence is all about imparting intelligence to the machine to enable them to think, process and learn by itself, without any form of human interaction needed to perform their tasks. AI, unlike Regular Programming, doesn’t require outlining every possible scenario and its output, rather you train a model through a data set and let the machine makes out the rest, through its observation and analysis.

AI is very complex and is an interdisciplinary domain which combines many different fields, to produce the result, rather than programming which requires only coding skills and domain knowledge.

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