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Could someone tell me what are the roles and responsibilities of Oracle Apps DBA?

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Oracle offers one of the most popular DB or Databases around the world, which is used by various companies around the globe. Professional who manages a DB is called a DBA or Database Administrator. And if the professional is proficient in Oracle Database, they are called Oracle DBA. Now, if Applications Database Administrator, is a professional who combines the efforts of an Oracle Systems Application Administrator, and Oracle DBA. Now, there are various tasks that are performed by Oracle Apps DBA and they are:

  • They install, configure, upgrade Oracle Server software.
  • Start, stop and monitor applications.
  • Ensure Data backup, recovery policies, procedures.
  • Implement Database Security and maintain it.
  • Perform Database and application tuning along with Performance monitoring.

And much more tasks, depending on various factors like companies, job locations, work experience, etc. If you wish to learn more about Oracle DBA, watch the following video on Oracle SQL Tutorial for Beginners and if you wish to get certified, check out the Oracle DBA certification course from Intellipaat.

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