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Below is the code I tried to write data into the file using JavaScript: 

var f = "sometextfile.txt";

writeTextFile(f, "Spoon")

writeTextFile(f, "Cheese monkey")

writeTextFile(f, "Onion")

function writeTextFile(afilename, output)


  var txtFile =new File(afilename);




It just prints the output to the console, not to a file. Can anyone tell me how to write data to file only using JS?

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Check the below following points:

  1. If you try to write a file on a client machine it doesn’t work in cross-browsers. 

  2. If you try to write to the server, you can pass the text to the server and execute the code using server-side language. 

  3. If you want to store information on the client-side, check cooking. 

  4. If it’s local storage, use HTML5

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