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Hi all, 


I am new to Power BI & Power Automate, any help would be much appreciated. I have successfully created a Data Alert on Power BI that would send me a message on Teams when a KPI measure reaches a certain threshold (Greater than 0). I have a 'store_name' filter that has 10 different stores and I want to cycle through each store to see if any of the stores will trigger the alert. How can I do this? 


I've tried to use Power Automate and create a custom flow on Power BI but was unsuccessful. 


Tested Custom Flow 1: (Successful)


  1. When a Data Driven Alert is Triggered
  2. Post a message as a flow bot to a user (preview)


Tested Custom Flow 2: (Failed)

Added store_name filter and KPI into Power BI (Power Automate Visual) 

  1. On Power BI Button Click
  2. Apply to Each Store_Name
  3. Add Condition, if KPI (Greater than 0) then Send Message, else nothing. (Error Message Here)




'Store_Name' Filter

- Store A

- Store B

- Store C


The value of the KPI changes as I select different stores from the filter. If I select Store B and it is above the threshold, I want it to send me a message on Teams notifying me Store B is above the threshold and requires attention. 


Many thanks in advance.

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