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Could someone tell me what is the best way to learn Data Science?

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The best way to learn Data Science is to join a paid training program. If you opt for self-learning by scouring the internet for free resources, then you are bound to stay on the beginner level. If you are serious about your career, then you must take expert guidance and support to fuel your career. Intellipaat provides a Data Science Masters Course that will help you become a Data Science expert. This course offers you dedicated instructor-led training on Data Science with R and Python, Big Data Hadoop & Spark, Machine Learning, Tableau, AI, and Deep Learning. 

This 232 hour-long training is offered in collaboration with IBM that features 30+ projects with Lifetime Support, assistance, upgrade, and mentor support among many other features. I have a video that I would like to share with all of you aspiring to make a career in Data Science. Do check it out. 

See this Python Data Science Course for more information :


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