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Could someone tell me what is the best place to start learning data science and analytics?

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Data Science and Data Analytics are really convenient to get into. Aspiring Data Scientists such as yourself can easily enter the field with some knowledge in programming in Python or an interest in statistics and mathematics. 

Several learning platforms and institutes teach Data Science that is catered to absolute beginners. Besides these paid programs, there are also many online resources available to learn about Data Science. For example, YouTube video tutorials, free short courses, blogs, e-books, etc. So, before taking up a Data Science course, you can go through all these freely available tutorials to help get an edge and polish up your skills. While they don’t necessarily cover everything in Data Science, it is enough to get a good grasp of the fundamentals as a beginner. You can check out this playlist by Intellipaat that is available on their YouTube channel - 

Here is another one that covers the introduction to Data Analytics:

Once you have gone through the tutorials and other resources, you will be absolutely ready to seriously start learning under professional experts. 

Intellipaat’s experts have come up with a well-curated course for aspiring Data Scientists and Data Analysts. The courses come with 24/7 learning assistance and also offer placement assistance for learners who have completed the course to start applying for jobs at top MNCs. If you would like to know more about the courses, make sure to reach out to the Intellipaat course advisors. They will be able to find you a suitable training program for you.

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