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Could someone tell me whether it is hard to learn AI or ML?

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No, it isn't hard to learn AI or ML. Well nothing can be far from the truth. Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a modern day technology that is gaining ground in nearly every phase of our lives. It may seem hard as it involves Mathematical algorithms, use of many tools, and platforms. But don't believe the hype. Let's say you start considering AI or ML just like any other skill. Then it becomes far easier to get through the concepts. 

But the problem here is, very few know what the domain actually means, what is the actual potential of AI and what AI is not! So the best way without wasting much time is to enroll in a paid online course like the one that Intellipaat offers (Artificial Intelligence Masters Course). It offers you mentor support through which industry experts guide you to become the best and master AI or ML from basics to the advanced level. 

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