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Could someone tell me whether any certificate in AI is worth it or not?

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is the domain that will define our future of everything that we see. So if you are aspiring for a great career in AI, I will recommend the AI Masters Course from Intellipaat. It is one of the highly rated courses in the industry. Thanks to its exhaustive course content and structure in collaboration with IBM, experienced instructors, this course also comes with add-on benefits like Lifetime Free upgrade, access, technical support, and assistance for 24*7. In this Master's program, you will get to learn 10+ courses and 24+ projects to gain maximum exposure in the domain. 

By getting a certificate in AI, you can upskill and validate your knowledge in the domain. It will help you get better job opportunities and salary packages. 

Check out this AI Masters Program review by a professional who enrolled in this course.

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