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Could anybody tell me how to become an expert in Python?

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Learning Python is easy. The resources are just a Google away. But the free resources could only take you so far. To learn, master Python, to become an expert or advanced needs a lot more than time and effort. These two are undoubted factors that could only propel you forward. But you need to understand that you must have focused, quality material to advance in Python skills or become an expert in it. You also need good guidance or mentorship to help you get clarity on which role to advance through Python skills. 

So I would recommend you to enroll in a good Python Course or training from a recognized training partner to help you meet your objectives. In that case, Intellipaat is the best option which offers you an affordable course with premium benefits that will help you stay on board with your career. I will share here a video of a customer who completed the course and it has made him confident to code in Python like an expert. 

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