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Could someone tell me how to become a Big Data Analyst in 2021?

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A Big Data Analyst is someone who works with Big Data to extract insights to offer meaningful insights to help organizations make better decisions to grow their business and make it more efficient. 

To become a Big Data Analyst in 2021, you must have certain skill sets, and they are: 

  • Good Problem-Solving, with research and data mining skills

  • Good level knowledge in programming languages, with better data interpretation and quantitative skills

  • Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills 

  • Should also gain experience working with different sets of technologies

You can gain all these skills by enrolling in the Big Data Analytics Certification by E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati through Intellipaat. It is a post-graduate training program on Big Data Analytics that will help you become a Big Data Analyst from scratch. I will also recommend you check out this YouTube video of a customer who took up this course and learned this course in spite of coming from a non-tech background. 

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