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Could someone tell me how can I switch my career to IT?

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You could have been more specific in your query. Because unless you mention your previous domain, it will be a very general response that I can give. Anyway, if you wish to attempt a career transition to the IT domain, I would suggest you do what many have done before you. 

  • Connect with professionals of the specific domain that you belong to and the domain you are aiming to be a part of. 
  • Search and select courses or training programs from industry experts that will help you bridge skill gaps and suffice the requirement to fetch a job in the IT domain.
  • Work on projects and gain maximum hands-on experience. Because in the end, the practical experience is what matters the most. 
  • Work on your soft skills, even though they are not mentioned much, but are essential in getting and upskilling in any domain. 

I will share a video of a customer who was from a research background enrolled in SQL Course and Tableau Course. She was successful in getting a career transition to the IT domain. 

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