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What is the future of test automation?

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Software testing is now done in a logical and repeatable manner, thanks to the practice of test automation. This lessens the need for human intervention by enabling you to automate the software testing process. Automation testing is the process by which the necessary tests are run by automated scripts. In order to ensure that your application is completely tested before it is used in a production setting, test automation is a crucial component of any quality assurance process and is very demanding.

The future of automation testing is very bright as every IT industry practices this automated form of software testing to decrease the human effort and increase the efficiency of their software. Learning about automation testing allows one to pursue a profession as an automation test engineer in the IT sector.

To become a test automation engineer, Intellipaat offers this Test architect course that will assist you in understanding the foundational ideas and concepts of automation testing.

Before enrolling in the course, check out this video of Shruti Sharan, one of our learners who enrolled in the program and later went on to become a test automation engineer.

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