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Can anyone explain me how good is AWS solutions architect certification for a software engineer in terms of job and learning?

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Doing AWS certification is really worthwhile for software engineers. Because earlier Infrastructure was not an issue for software engineers. They used to only code. Others were responsible for building the infrastructure, planning, networking configurations, deploying the code, monitoring it, and managing bug fixes, among other things. With the advent of virtualization, API-driven infrastructures such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as the overall DevOps/NoOps movement, software engineers are increasingly implementing automation. Learning AWS is worthful in terms of learning and job because AWS has become one of the highest-paying fields. 

If you don't have knowledge about all these skills still no worries you can learn them with proper guidance also if you are looking for certification along with training then I recommend you go for the Intellipaat AWS Solution Architect certification.

Along with that do check out this video on how the Intellipaat AWS certification program helped Ram Kumar TS in his career -

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