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What are the required skills to shift my career from database domain to cloud computing?

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A database expert's job description involves creating new database systems and the management tools that go with them, as well as installing, maintaining, and updating them. Yes anyone can shift his career from data base domain to cloud computing. 

Here are the few skills one must have to remember - 

  • Knowledge of the following scripting languages e.g. .NET, Java, Python & SQL.

  • Expertise in appropriate Cloud platforms e.g. GCP, Azure, AWS, and so on.

  • Data handling and database skills.

  • Project management abilities, such as risk management and reviewing service agreements.

If you  are in dilemma from where to learn this technology for that I will suggest Intellipaat  AWS Training which helps you to become a certified professional in cloud computing.

Before that do check out this video on how Intellipaat helped Ram to switch his career from database domain to cloud computing -


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