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How to switch my career from software engineer to cloud computing?

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Software engineers develop software by using the appropriate programming languages, platforms, and architectures. They not only build their own systems, but they also develop, test, improve, and maintain software written by other engineers. Yes, anyone can learn cloud computing. Let me share some must-have skills to enable you to switch from software engineer to cloud computing:

  • Knowledge of the following scripting languages e.g. .NET, Java, Python & SQL.

  • Expertise in appropriate Cloud platforms e.g. GCP, Azure, AWS, and so on.

  • Data handling and database skills.

  • Project management abilities, such as risk management and reviewing service agreements.

Skills like these would surely help you in easing your switching from your profession as a software engineer to a good cloud computing job. If you don't have knowledge about all these skills still no worries you can learn them with proper guidance also if you are looking for certification along with training then I recommend you go for the Intellipaat AWS Solution Architect certification.

Along with that do check out this video on how Intellipaat helped Ram Kumar TS in his career transitioning from software engineer to cloud computing -

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