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Does learning Python mandatory for becoming a data scientist?

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Yes, it is necessary to learn python, if you want to become a data scientist.

Python is a language for data scientists particularly. It is not just an easy way to write code, but a way of thinking about programming for data science.

To be a good data scientist, you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve and how to solve it with the tools at hand. This can be done in any language, but Python is particularly suited because it has a very rich set of libraries that make it easier than other languages to do some things quickly.

The reason why Python is great for data science is that it allows you to focus on solving problems, while allowing you to reuse code and collaborate with others who have solved similar problems in other languages or platforms.

So, if you want a guidance in learning python to become a data scientist, Data science and AI course by Intellipaat would help you to achieve your goal. This course comes up with a lot of features and benefits.

You might even look at Tarun's success story as a learner of Intellipaat who changed his career from mechanical engineer to data scientist.

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