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What professions would be unlocked if I study Microsoft Azure?

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Microsoft Azure, sometimes known as Azure, is a cloud computing service run by Microsoft for application management.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of job opportunities for cloud computing enthusiasts with different skill sets. If you have experience in one area, there is always an opportunity to learn new skills and expand your career in the IT industry.

Microsoft Azure offers many different pathways to success, including:

  • Azure DevOps Engineer

  • Azure Cloud Architect

  • Azure Solutions Architect (Enterprise)

If you are interested and looking for some place to learn Microsoft Azure, then I would recommend Intellipaat’s Azure Course to go for as it comes up with a lot of benefits an features which will create a great experience for a learner. 

For your reference, you can check out the video of Shashank, one of Intellipaat’s learner who got a 52% salary hike in his job with the help of this course.

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