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I'm working on a Power Bi d3 chart and I'm trying to change the thickness/width of the chart's axis lines. This following code changes the width of the line but also affects the tick's labels, drastically altering the font.


   .style({ 'stroke': 'black', 'fill': 'none', 'stroke-width': '1px'}) 


I don't want to impact the tick's labels. How can I only change the axis lines?

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  • this.xAxis is the g element which groups all the axis components.  g doesn't style directly so all the elements underneath are inheriting from it (including the text elements).

  • You can do this with'path') .style({ 'stroke': 'black', 'fill': 'none', 'stroke-width': '1px'});

  • It would style just the horizontal line of the axis :

this.xAxis.selectAll('line') .style({ 'stroke': 'black', 'fill': 'none', 'stroke-width': '1px'});

  • It would style the tick marks.

  • As an aside, I wouldn't style like this at all and would probably do it through conventional CSS:

.axis { font: 10px sans-serif; } .axis path, .axis line { fill: none; stroke: #000; shape-rendering: crispEdges; stroke-width: 10px; }

  • It would set the font for the entire axis g and set the tick marks and line across the axis to be black and thick.

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