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I love to work on AI optimization software (Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm, Ant Colony, ...). Unfortunately, I have run out of interesting problems to solve. What problem would you like to have solved?

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Real-life examples of optimization problems


– What is given: There is a set of tasks to be completed, with durations and with mutual constraints (e.g. task ordering; joint resources).

– The goal is: Your goal is to generate the shortest schedule (assignment of start times to tasks) possible.

VLSI circuit layout

– What is given: There is a board, components, and connections of the circuit.

– The goal is: We have to place each component on the board such as to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the production cost.

In AI: learning, for example:

– What is given: There are customers that are described by their characteristics (age, occupation, gender, location, etc) and their previous book purchases.

– The goal is: We have to find a function from customer characteristics to books which maximize the probability of purchase of the particular book.

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