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I am using UiPath to automate some of our manual task done through the website. But for some reason, I get the below error. This happens when I click the link and a new page gets loaded. On the new web page, I try to click a button and the below error shows up.

Kindly note that I am not using RDP for automation.

"Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions"

19:03:56.3586 Error {"message":"Click 'INPUT btnReset' : Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.","level":"Error","windowsIdentity":"ENT\VS","processName":"TestProject","processVersion":"2017.1.6334.30035","fileName":"Seq_OptionsAtOpenCustomer","jobId":"0fd0eaaf-e7be-4ec6-83b6-09a3c2a29d96","robotName":"ENT\VS"}

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Hi, the issue you raised arose in the version that you are using you can update to the newer versions and your issues will be resolved

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