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I installed Uipath Studio Enterprise Trial Edition 2018 on a Windows 10 home machine and I am trying to connect a robot to orchestrator community edition (2018) but my robot status is always disconnected in orchestrator

I did the following steps as described in the documentation:

  1. Added a machine in the machines section and retrieved the machine key

  2. Added a standard robot in the robots section (I double checked my credentials and there is no mistake)

  3. Run UipathRobot.exe and checked its status in windows services.

  4. Changed the settings of the Uipath robot and clicked connect.

  5. The robot status shows licensed, connected on my machine but shows disconnected on orchestrator

The screenshots below show the robot status on my machine and on orchestrator.

Robot status on my machine

Robot status in orchestrator

If you had a similar issue before, please assist

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 You can try the following steps:

  • Open cmd in your robot machine

  • Type “whoami”

  • The result will be the input you need to add in your domain\username field when provisioning a robot.

  • If you are using a domain user you need to put domain\username.

  •  If it’s a local user you need to add machineName\username.

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