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The problem:

I have Amazon EC2 running an application. It functions without issue when there are only one instance and no load balancer.

But in my production environment I have two identical instances running behind one load-balancer and when performing certain tasks, like a feature that generates a PDF and attaches it to an email, nothing happens at all, and when using Google Developer tools with the Network tab I get the error "504 Gateway Timeout" once the timeout hits (I have it set at 30 seconds).

My Database is external, on Amazon RDS.

I think... If I could force a client to stay connected to their initial server they logged in at, this problem would be solved, because it's my understanding that the 504 Gateway Timeout is happening when instance-1 tries to reach out to instance-2 to perform the task.

This happens ONLY WHEN using Load Balancing, but never when connecting straight to one of my two servers.

Load Balancer Settings:

  • The load balancer has a CRECORD on my Registrar so that points to
  • The load balancer has 2 healthy instances, each in the same region but they are in different availability zones.
  • The load balancer is using the same Security Groups as the Instances (allow ALL IPs on ports 22, 80, and 443)
  • The load balancer has cross-zone load balancing turned on.
  • CORS (in Amazon S3) is enabled to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE from * to * (I have no idea how this is associated with my instances but anyway I did it as the instructions said)
  • The load balancer has listeners configured as such:
    • Load Balancer Protocol:HTTP Load Balancer Port:80 Instance Protocol:HTTP Instance Port:80
    • Load Balancer Protocol:HTTPS Load Balancer Port:443 Instance Protocol:HTTP Instance Port:80 (cypher chosen correctly per my Cert provider, and SSL fields 100% surely correct)

Some more ideas:

That being said, I'm not testing with HTTPS, but normal HTTP instead. I'm not convinced SSL is setup properly even though my certificate provider said it is. The reason I'm suspicious is that when I try to key in I get the error "(failed) net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" in Google Developer Tools, in the Network tab. But this should be non-applicable because I'm having the problem even using regular HTTP. I can troubleshoot SSL later.

So to reiterate, my problem is having the "504 Gateway Timeout" problem when using some functions, but also occasionally at random instead of loading the page (but rarely). This 504 problem happens ONLY WHEN using Load Balancing, but never when connecting straight to one of my two instances.

I don't know which question to ask, because I've Followed every document to the T, double and triple checked all suggestions all over the web and NOTHING.

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Add this HTTP block in nginx:

keepalive_timeout 75s

After that make sure you restart:

sudo service nginx restart

To start up on nginx, use this:


And also a similar fix if you use Apache is this:

KeepAlive On 

KeepAliveTimeout 75

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