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I built a linear regression algorithm in Azure ML. On the "Score Model" module I can actually see the predictions and the rest of the features. However, when I deploy this project as a web service, the service is expecting the actual label of the data (e.g. I'm trying to predict a house's price and it asks me for the price of the house to make the prediction), which doesn't make any sense to me... What am I doing wrong? On the "Train Model" module I set that the label column is the HousePrice, which is what I'm trying to predict.

This is my model: enter image description here

I tried leaving that field blank but the prediction returns null...

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Try to do this:

1. After creating a web service, add the column selector and select all the columns other than the one you want to predict, "income" in this case. 

2. Run score model.

3. Deploy to the web service.

Now, when you test the experiment, you can see the result.:

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