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I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Code to run my python code but it shows the error that 

Linter pylint is not installed

These three I have already installed in my system

  • The VS Code Python extension
  • Python3
  • Anaconda

Tell me how to install pylint?

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Steps to install pylint-

1. Open a command prompt or terminal(For windows,navigate to install location).

2. Run: python-m pip install pylint

If the above process doesn’t work, then there may be a slight chance that you have configured a non-default python path for your editor and if that happens, you will have to match that python’s install location with that of the pip executable that you are calling from the terminal.

Location of Pylint executable-

Windows-pylint.exe should be in python root directory

macOS- Run the command: which pylint

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The following command  may help-

python -m pip install pylint
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Go to the path pylint has been installed to, by typing which pylint.

You will get something like:


Copy it.

Go through the preferences tab to your vscode settings on and find the line that goes like:

"python.linting.pylintPath": "pylint"

Edit the line as:

"python.linting.pylintPath": "/usr/local/bin/pylint",

Before saving your changes make sure you have replaced "pylint" with the path you got from typing which pylint

Then save your changes and reload vs code.

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