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Is there any way to hide E1101 errors for objects that are created from a specific library? Our large repository is littered with #pylint: disable=E1101 around various objects created by pandas.

For example, pylint will throw a no member error on the following code:


import pandas as pd

spy ="SPY", "yahoo")


spy = pd.read_csv("test.csv")

close_px = spy.ix["2012":]

Will have the following errors:

E:  6,11: Instance of 'tuple' has no 'ix' member (no-member)

E:  6,11: Instance of 'TextFileReader' has no 'ix' member (no-member)

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You just have to mark their attributes as dynamically generated using the generated-members option. For pandas:


Point to be noted: Make sure your .pylintrc file is actually being read, and that your regex is correct

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