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I'm having trouble with the BYFN tutorial. I managed to do it without problems, and now I'm trying to change some things on the configuration files. I configured 6 orgs, and I'm trying to create a channel with two of them. When I get to the command to join a channel, I'm getting this error:

Error: proposal failed (err: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = access denied: channel [] creator org [Client1MSP])

Here are my configuration files:

The commands I'm running from start to finish are on COMMANDS.txt. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, are you using :

docker ps
 docker logs <container_id> on the peer container? because that will fail to join the channel, you can read this error
on the log: expected MSP ID Org1MSP received Client1MSP

To fix this you need to make changes to docker-compose-base.yaml file, to reflect the different org names.

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