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How to create a “sheet selector” that gives the ability to select an individual sheet from the dashboard and replace all sheets with just the sheet selected.

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  • Select create parameter by Right-clicking on data window to the left.

  • In parameter dialog box assign values as shown below:
    Data type: String
    Allowable values: List
    List of values: All, Sheet 1, Sheet 2,...
    and give it a name

  • Create a calculated field by Right-clicking on data window to the left)

  • Give parameter name from step 2 in the Formula text box.

  • For each sheet in the workbook, drag calculation field created in step 4 into filters shelf and do as follows:

    • In general tab, select custom value list

    • type All in the text box and click add item button. type particular sheet name and click add item.

  • create a dashboard

  • Right-click on the worksheet and select Parameter --> Select a sheet. You can find a new filter added to your right side and you can select which sheet to show in the dashboard.

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