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My API Gateway/Lambda setup returns an http response header: Lamdba uses a callback function to return the value as part of a json and the Integration Response maps it into a header (using integration.response.body)

With this solution, the values are sent back both in the body and the header.

How can I map headers from the Lambda response without duplicating the values in the response body?

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You will be able to set the response headers as part of Lambda output when you have enabled the Lambda proxy integration. Then API Gateway will return those as a part of the HTTP response to the client.

Node.js example:

callback(null, {

    "isBase64Encoded": false, // Set to `true` for binary support.

    "statusCode": 200,

    "headers": {

        "header1Name": "header1Value",

        "header2Name": "header2Value",


    "body": "...",


if no extra response headers are returned, the headers can be null or unspecified.

Check this doc for more: Output Format of a Lambda Function for Proxy Integration

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