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I am using Tableau 9.0 to do data analysis. My data set is very large containing 100 billion records.

I want to use a filter to filter out the data firstly. But, when I try to add a filter on the specific column of the data in Tableau, it keeps running... forever. The reason is tableau wants to display all this field value to me with ascending order, then allow me to make a selection. e.g to select only one or two value to filter...

But it keeps running due to 100 billion records. How to solve this problem? Could I switch off this function (display all specific field value..)? How to filter so large data sets?

Thank you in advance

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  • You can pause Auto-Updates via the toolbar pause button before dragging a field to the filter shelf (or doing anything that you don't want to trigger a query refresh). Then either hit refresh or turn auto-updates back on when you want to run a query.

  • You can enter custom value lists to avoid querying to fill a list of items in the filter dialog for discrete dimension filter.

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