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There is currently no way to enable SSL connections with a PostgreSQL connection on tableau's 8.2 version for Mac OSX. It used to be that you could create a generic ODBC and turn SSL as described here:

Now there is no ODBC connections and PostgreSQL only has the following options:

tableau connection details

Has anyone solved this problem with the Mac Tableau version with Heroku Postgres?

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  • In order to connect via SSL, you can use the Tableau data extract API. Read the info you need and create a Tableau extract. Then you can connect to the extract via a mac, and rerun your program on a schedule to refresh the extract periodically. You may even see a nice performance improvement, at the expense of not reading live up to the minute updates.

  • Once Tableau improves their PostgreSQL driver to support SSL from macs, then you can replace the extract connection with a live one.

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