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I'm currently trying to implement a fully autonomous Pac-Man game, where you just watch. I plan on making the actual yellow guy's AI play the game flawlessly. I want to make it so that the Ghosts have personalities like in the original Pac-Man, but I'm more so looking for a template, a Pac-Man game that is already made, and has that feature so that I can work on the Pac-Man himself.

Does anyone know if that source code is available? I've tried GitHub, but I haven't found anything that resembles the original ghost behavior as described here:


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Pac-Man is an arcade game that was first released in 1980. The player navigates Pac-Man through a maze and has to collect all the dots (Pac-Dots) to complete the stage. Pac-Man is being chased by four ghosts in the game whose main objective is to kill him. The four ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, each has different behavior depending on the mode of the ghosts. The ghosts change the mode during gameplay from scattering to the corners of the maze, to chasing Pac-Man and also to being frightened when Pac-Man picks up a Power-Pellet.

A Pacman clone made in Unity3D, with tutorials from noobtuts. In addition to the tutorial, the original AI is implemented with the help of Game Internals as well as menus, global high scores, and a basic level progression system.

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