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I would like to get some advice about my graduation thesis. The professor has already given me some basic guidelines and I have two weeks to decide.

My graduation thesis should be coding "something" for the NAO robot. The "something" should be coded using Silverlight technology.

Now I just need to decide on what the "something" might be. Do you have any ideas about what module or addition could be coded for the NAO robot in Silverlight? I would appreciate any ideas.

Another professor suggested that I could integrate Facebook with NAO robots in our laboratory. We have multiple NAO robots so he thought I could make them post what they are doing on Facebook every few hours, they could also become friends with other NAO robots on Facebook and comment on their statuses.

But I am not yet sure I want to do that. If you have any other ideas, please share them with me.

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The October 2010 issue of Scientific American has an article on Ethics in robotics... the authors talk about programming the NAO for ethical decisions, such as dispensing medication to patients (how to handle the patient's refusal, etc.). Programming ethics into a robot would be VERY thesis-worthy.

If you don't have access to Scientific American from Slovakia, you can buy the article online here:

Another SA article on the NAO, this one's free to read:

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