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I'm receiving the following error when connecting to an AWS Postgres database that requires SSL. I recently upgraded from npgsql 2.3.2 (which was buggy) to 3.0.3 which won't connect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

DataSource.Error: TlsClientStream.ClientAlertException: CertificateUnknown: Server certificate was not accepted. Chain status: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority. . at TlsClientStream.TlsClientStream.ParseCertificateMessage(Byte[] buf, Int32& pos) at TlsClientStream.TlsClientStream.TraverseHandshakeMessages() at TlsClientStream.TlsClientStream.GetInitialHandshakeMessages(Boolean allowApplicationData) at TlsClientStream.TlsClientStream.PerformInitialHandshake(String hostName, X509CertificateCollection clientCertificates, RemoteCertificateValidationCallback remoteCertificateValidationCallback, Boolean checkCertificateRevocation) Details: DataSourceKind=PostgreSQL


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This can be fixed by installing the Amazon RDS public certificate.

Steps for installation:

Step 1: Download the AWS RDS public certificate 1

Step 2: Create a .crt file from the .pem file downloaded. Sample instructions here 2

Step 3: Install the certificate (.crt file) on the machine. 3

Step 4: Connect

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