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I have to make a visualization of the IDA*(iterative deepening A star) algorithm when it is running a 15-puzzle problem. Exactly, I need to visualize the tree and the puzzle.

IDA* algorithm is similar to the A* algorithm.

There are 3 things I need to implement:

1)The IDA* code.

2)After that, the IDA* connected with the problem(15-puzzle).

3)And, after that, I need to visualize the tree of the algorithm.

But I believe that someone before must have implemented the code for the IDA* running the 15-puzzle problem. I need your help to find this source code so that I would not spend 2 months writing code that has been written by someone else before so that I would have time to focus on the visualization.


I know some C, C++, and C#.

I need simple source code, that I would comprehend, in which you input a table as a puzzle and it gives you back as a table with the solved puzzle.

Secondly, what programming language from the 3 above do you suggest me to use for the visualization?

I have found some implementations:


A* in C++, I need IDA*

IDA* in java

IDA* in pseudocode link1 link2 link3

IDA* in C

IDA* with 15-puzzle

15-puzzles solved in an applet

A* and IDA* that solves Sliding puzzle (This one uses templates that aren't defined)

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Here is a link that solves not too difficult instances of the 15 puzzle using IDA* with the Manhattan distance heuristic. By "not too difficult" it means the instance must be solvable using at most 65 moves. There is a (slow) A* implementation and a memory-efficient (and faster) IDA* implementation inside. IDA* takes approximately ten minutes to implement. Your heuristic function is trivial, so you have to manage it to implement manhattan distance.

What needs to be done: 

A heuristic generated by disjoint pattern databases would be necessary to quickly solve the 15 puzzles.

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