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I've set up my controllers using data-ng-controller="xyzController as vm"

I have a scenario with parent/child nested controllers. I have no problem accessing parent properties in the nested HTML by using $, but I cannot figure out how to access the parent property from within my child controller.

I've tried injecting $scope and then using $scope.$, but this isn't working?

Can anyone offer advice?

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If you want to access the parent property from within your child controller. You can follow the below-mentioned steps:-

As you have defined cities in the parent controller your child controller will inherit all scope variables. But you do not have to call $parent

See the code below:-

function ParentCtrl($scope) { 

$scope.cities = ["NY","Amsterdam","Barcelona"]; 

function ChildCtrl($scope) { 

$scope.parentCities = $scope.cities; 


The AngularJS docs use this approach, here you can read more about the $scope.

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