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I have all of my AngularJS controllers in one file, controllers.js. This file is structured as follows:

angular.module('myApp.controllers', [])

 .controller('Ctrl1', ['$scope', '$http', function($scope, $http) { 


.controller('Ctrl2', ['$scope', '$http', function($scope, $http) } 


What I'd like to do is put Ctrl1 and Ctrl2 into separate files. I would then include both files in my index.html, but how should that be structured? I tried doing something like this and it throws an error in the web browser console saying it can't find my controllers. Any hints?

I searched StackOverflow and found this similar question - however, this syntax is using a different framework (CoffeeScript) on top of Angular, and so I haven't been able to follow.

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To create separate AngularJS controller files you can use the following ways:-

angular.module('myApp.controllers', []);

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angular.module('myApp.controllers').controller('Ctrl1', ['$scope', '$http', function($scope, $http){ }]);

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