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I have a scheduled UiPath job that keeps getting stuck in the 'pending' state in Orchestrator and never runs. I notice that the Robot has Fatal Alerts saying "#robot [name] disconnected." The temporary fix seems to be to restart the machine the robot is running on. The job then will run.

Are these things related?

Has anyone else experienced this and found a more permanent fix?

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Yes, these messages are related. This is because when your robot gets disconnected the orchestrator cannot run the schedule hence the job moves to a ‘pending state’ and as soon as your connection re-establishes your tasks can run.

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Now as to why this is happening there can be many reasons related to this but in my experience, it is mostly related to your machine. The reasons could be some firewall setting or your Ui-robot services shutting down after some time, you’ll need to look into your machine events to find out or raise a ticket to uipath.

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