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I'm trying to schedule a bot which is being triggered from orchestrator every 3 hours. The process is basically an email automation. If the no of emails that is being processed is less than average, i want to trigger the bot.

Is there a cron expression that can help me with this type of scheduling?

Do let me know if there any other way to achieve this (like making a change in code or some other method).

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let  me tell you steps i think will be fruitful for your problem

  1. Authenticate /api/Account/Authenticate (Assuming you are using local credentials and not Domain)

  2. Get Job Key /odata/Releases (If you already know the key for the given process, you could hardcode it in the next step instead of calling this one each time)

  3. Start Job /odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs

  4. you can take help from The UiPath ORchestrator Guide

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