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I am using Uipath Enterprise Trial latest edition on a remote Windows Server 2008R2 Standard. I am trying to connect a robot to orchestrator community edition and I am getting the following error when I click on connect to connect the robot:

"An error occurred while sending the request"

  • I added the machine correctly and I created a robot attached to it.
  • I double checked my credentials and there is no error
  • I verified the machine key and it is also correct
  • I checked the Uipath service robot and it is running.
  • I restarted the robot and the error persists

To be noted: - I did not use orchestrator Enterprise edition because the installation requirements need approval from the security and IT team (Pending) - I tested using Uipath Enterprise Studio with orchestrator community edition on my personal computer and it works fine. - My orchestrator and my robot version are both 2018 hence compatible

Did anyone have a similar issue and can assist me on this?

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to clarify.

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Answer: It seems to me that the connections you made are fine and you have followed all the steps too so there should be some problem with cloud connection

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