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I am new to aws-cli and I am trying to export my dynamodb table as a CSV so that I can import it directly into postgresql. Is there a way to do that using aws-cli?

So far I have come across this command aws dynamodb scan --table-name . But this does not provide an option of a CSV export. Also, through this command, I can get the output on my command prompt but I am not sure how to write it in a file.

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If all items have the same attributes, e.g. id and name both of which are strings, then run:

aws dynamodb scan \

    --table-name mytable \

    --query "Items[*].[id.S,name.S]" \

    --output text

That would give a tab-separated output. You can redirect this to file using > output.txt, and you could then easily convert tabs into commas for CSV.

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