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I want to remove the stop words from my column "tweets". How do I iterative over each row and each item?

pos_tweets = [('I love this car', 'positive'),

    ('This view is amazing', 'positive'),

    ('I feel great this morning', 'positive'),

    ('I am so excited about the concert', 'positive'),

    ('He is my best friend', 'positive')]

test = pd.DataFrame(pos_tweets)

test.columns = ["tweet","class"]

test["tweet"] = test["tweet"].str.lower().str.split()

from nltk.corpus import stopwords

stop = stopwords.words('english')

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Using List Comprehension

test['tweet'].apply(lambda x: [item for item in x if item not in stop])


0               [love, car]

1           [view, amazing]

2    [feel, great, morning]

3        [excited, concert]

4            [best, friend]

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