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Why is PHP still being used to create new websites? Why aren’t all new sites using more modern frameworks such as Django or Rails.

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You should not compare dajngo and rails with PHP as PHP is a language and django and rails are framework. Although there are many frameworks in PHP which you can compare with Rails and Django. There are a couple of reason why PHP is so popular:

1. PHP servers are easily available.

2. PHP frameworks are easy to setup and configure than the other ones.

3. PHP community is extremely strong.

4. PHP frameworks have got a lot of security features and very little footprint.

5. With PHP 7+ it got a lot of new features which are very useful.

7. Does not require a special application server.

8. Easy to migrate.

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Although PHP is quite popular, many giant corporations are now moving away from PHP simply because it's difficult to maintain a large code base written in PHP. They usually use other languages like Java, Python and more specifically farmeworks like Spring, Django, Rails are quite popular.

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