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How are OpenShift, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Docker comparable and different?

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The difference between all four are as follows:-

  • OpenShift: OpenShift is written in Go language, this is a computer software product of Red Hat that has container-based deployment.

  • OpenStack: OpenStack is written in Java, it is an open-source software platform for cloud computing. The Virtual servers are provided to customers where they have to deploy their applications. It consists of components that are related to one another.

  • Kubernetes: The container cluster management system is called Kubernetes. After getting used to Docker, you will realize that there should be ‘Docker run’ commands to run many containers across hosts. And there Kubernetes comes handy.

  • Docker: Docker is an Open source containerization engine Docker provides packing, shipping and deployment of the software, presented as lightweight container that can be run anywhere. Docker container consists of software components including libraries, files, scripts etc.

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