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What is the architecture of Kubernetes?

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To get the flexible and a loosely-coupled mechanism for service discovery you need Kubernetes architecture. It is just like one of the most distributed computing platforms. You will find that a Kubernetes cluster must have at least one master and multiple compute nodes. So, the responsibility of the master is to expose the application program interface (API), schedule the deployments and manage the overall cluster. Whereas each node is responsible to run a container at runtime, for example, a Docker or rkt, along with an agent that communicates with the master. Some of the other responsibility of the node is to run additional components for logging, monitoring, service discovery and optional add-ons. The nodes are the workhorses of a Kubernetes cluster. Nodes are responsible to expose and compute the networking and storage resources to applications. Nodes can also be a virtual machine (VMs) running in a cloud or bare metal servers running within the data centre. If you want to learn about Kubernetes and to have a decent and valuable certificate then you can visit Intellipaat Kubernetes Training course. If you like to read the concepts than you can read the following Kubernetes tutorial. You can also watch the video tutorials free of cost on Youtube visit the link mentioned below:-

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