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What should a data scientist's GitHub account look like?

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There is not any predefined standard since data scientists are not software developers although they write a lot of codes. But they are more statical based code and that why they do not prefer to use GitHub. It is also true that there is an overlap in the skills between developers and data scientists. But data scientists brings specific data-related skills that are difficult to showcase on GitHub. But there are few data scientists who have a compelling GitHub account, but some of them do not have any account. Data scientist mainly available on Kaggle so you will find a lot of account on Kaggle which usually shows more relevant information for data scientists. If you are interesting in learning GitHub in detail which is necessary for a programmer you can learn it by taking up the GitHub training course. If you like to read then you can have a look at the GitHub tutorial. If you want to learn it by watching the video tutorial then you can have a look at the following tutorial:-

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