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As someone interested in learning Python, should I start with 2.x or go straight to 3.x?

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I would say Python 3.x, because most of the companies are using the upgrade of Python, as there are so many added features and functionalities in Python 3.x. If you want to learn more in depth refer to free resources available online. Intellipaat has an extensive range of free resources, tutorial videos, projects, useful scripts, interview questions, and many more. You can just head on to Intellipaat, which is considered by many to be one of the best online training institutes for Python in Bangalore. Considering the current Python requirements, the course curriculum is designed by professionals with more than a decade of industry experience in various MNCs. Moreover, Intellipaat provides industry-recognized certification upon the course completion, which a learner can use to showcase his/her Python skills to potential employers and bag a lucrative job.  

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