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Could someone tell me what Data Science and Machine Learning online courses do you recommend?

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A lot of marketing and tech firms are now leveraging key benefits by providing the benefits of data science. Due to this, data science right now is growing. You can refer Intellipaat as your online resource as it provides the best data science course online that provides in-depth course coverage, case study based learning, entirely Hands-on driven sessions with personalized attention to every participant.  If you want a detailed explanation of Data Science then do check out Data Science Tutorial which will help you in understanding DS.

If you are more into videos then do refer the following video by Intellipaat which is based on Data Science interview questions:

You can get a hands-on project by referring to the Machine Learning online course which will teach you Machine Learning from scratch to advance.

And if you are more into videos then do check out the following video tutorial which will help you in mastering in the field of Data Science:

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