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If data science is in demand, why is it so hard to get a data scientist job?

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Nowadays everyone calls themselves a Data Scientist, even a fresh college graduate with less than a year of experience and also the guy who did ETL jobs in his whole career. This is because there is no particular role definition for a Data Scientist. Another thing is that the companies and the hiring team don’t have any hint of what a Data Scientist does and how to utilize his capabilities properly. They also go with the well-known misconception that an Engineer with Tableau, Big Data, Cloud, Python, and basic Statistics knowledge is a Data Scientist. If you want a detailed explanation of Data Science then do check out the Data Science blog which will help you in understanding DS.

If you are more into videos then do refer the following video by Intellipaat which is based on Data Science interview questions:

You can get a hands-on project by referring to Data Science courses which will teach you Data Science from scratch to advance.

And if you are more into videos then do check out the following video tutorial which will help you in mastering in the field of Data Science:

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