Applications of Artificial Intelligence
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Before moving forward, let us look at the agenda of this blog on the applications of Artificial Intelligence:

Now, let us start with the Artificial Intelligence applications in robotics.

AI in Robotics

The field of robotics involves the designing and creation of automated machines or robots in such a way that they possess the ability to perform tasks on their own. Nowadays, robots are becoming more and more advanced and efficient in accomplishing tasks. This is due to the Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques that are specially designed for the field of robotics. Advanced robots consist of sensors, high-definition cameras, voice recognition devices, etc.

AI in Robotics

These robots are capable of learning from their past mistakes and experience and can adjust the algorithms according to the environment. Artificial Intelligence is an extremely useful tool for robotic applications. When AI is combined with advanced devices, it can help in optimizations. It is helpful in enhancing the complex manufacturing process in industries such as aerospace. Also, the packaging process in industries that use AI helps enhance productivity and lower the overall cost.

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AI in Defense

The defense is one of the most crucial sectors where Artificial Intelligence is contributing to nations. Defense security systems can be vulnerable to get attacked by hackers to steal governmental or defense data. These attackers would do so to sell the information to other nations. This can prove to be detrimental to any country. The manual identification and processing of unusual activities may not detect potential threats and could be time-consuming. This is where the involvement of Artificial Intelligence proves to be of great use.

AI in Defence

The analysis of large amounts of data becomes easy with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Tools of AI help in finding suspicious activity over the system. AI algorithms are designed in such a way that they try to learn from the data and distinguish between authorized and unauthorized access. Also, they keep track of the safety of the military database. Any alterations in the database by an unknown source is immediately tracked down for action.

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AI in Transport

Artificial Intelligence in the transport industry has completely changed the era of traveling. As the competition in the travel industry is high, there is a need to analyze all the factors that influence the travel business. These factors are price, seasons, festivals, the number of travelers, etc.

AI in Transport

You must have noticed that the price of flights in Paytm keep fluctuating often. Reasons for its fluctuation are seasons, festivals, routes, halts, and the number of travelers on the same route. With the help of predictive analytics, the software can analyze data related to these factors that impact the cost of transport. Tools of Artificial Intelligence help perform predictive analytics efficiently on the data. With AI tools, the software or the application can predict the best prices in specific routes. This helps passengers find cheaper tickets. Further, the AI-based application notifies passengers about the rise and drop in prices and about the offers available while booking tickets. Another real-life application of Artificial Intelligence is in online cabs, including Uber and Ola. These applications use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science to deliver customized services. AI helps them show optimized paths and prices for the rides.

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AI in Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, AI never lags behind. Most of the healthcare organizations are relying on AI-based software for their day-to-day tasks. These tasks vary from patient diagnosis to hospital data management. Since the amount of data generated by the healthcare industry is 44 trillion gigabytes per day, there emerges a need for AI-based advanced processors that can extract, manipulate, analyze, and draw some meaningful insights from this data.

AI in Healthcare

AI and ML technologies are doing a fabulous job in the healthcare industry. The AI-based algorithms fed into the systems are capable enough to spot patterns much efficiently than humans. They help in the analysis of patients’ data and thus helping in diagnosing the disease. AI-based devices help measure real-time data such as blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature, and many more. They send the collected data to doctors to analyze the patients’ health conditions from remote locations. This can save the time of both doctors and patients. Also, AI-based bots and assistants enable doctors to save and manage time for patients by streamlining the processes. Further, the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare help pathologists for the analysis of genes and tissues that make the diagnosis of certain diseases more accurate. Also, AI and Data Science in COVID-19 pandemic is helping in analysis and diagnosis process.

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AI in Marketing

One of the key factors in running a successful business is marketing. Proper marketing strategies lead to generating high profits. According to Forbes, the revenue generated by the marketing industry in 2019 was more than US$300 million. It is only possible with the help of the applications of Artificial Intelligence.

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Today, the marketing industry is revolutionized by the applications of Artificial Intelligence. Various industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, advertising, media, and entertainment use Artificial Intelligence to boost their profitability. Suppose, you are searching for a product on Amazon. Along with the product, it will also show you the best sellers, similar products, varieties of the same product, and the ‘Recommended for you’ list of products.

AI in Marketing

You must have also observed that you get advertisements for similar products in your searches. Suppose, if you are searching for a specific Netflix TV series, then you will get advertisements and recommendations for other similar TV shows. This is achieved as the AI-based algorithms for advertisements try to understand the interests of customers. Moreover, they learn and improve their performance over time. This type of automated marketing helps in targeted advertising, giving a personalized experience to customers, and boosting companies’ revenue.

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AI in Automotive Industry

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the automotive industry as well. The invention of self-driving cars has completely changed the world of automobiles. There are various companies developing self-driving cars such as Tesla, Google, Bosch, Nissan, Audi, Volvo, and many more. The self-driving cars are built using a combination of various technologies, and one of the majorly used technologies is Artificial Intelligence.

AI in Automotive Industry

A self-driving car uses sensors, cameras, voice detectors, and many other devices. It analyzes the surroundings by collecting data. Then, the software used in the car gives commands such that the car can make a safe drive. You just have to enter the location in the route map. The AI-enabled advanced systems used in the self-driving car will find an optimized path to the destination.

With the help of AI, we can address problems such as traffic accidents, respond to natural disasters, etc. Thus, applications of Artificial Intelligence have proved to be one of the greatest resources created by humans. These various applications of Artificial Intelligence we discussed in this blog are helping change the user experience in different ways. Whether it is in robotics, transport, healthcare, or electronics industries, the applications of Artificial Intelligence are rocking!

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